• What will I learn?

    Check out the course page which lists the curriculum and sub-topics!

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    For the average speed reader it should take about two hours to complete this course. But don't worry! If you need a little more time, you have access to this course for three months from your purchase date! Feel free to take your time and go back to review as often as you like!

  • Will I be certified in pet first aid & CPR?

    Every student will receive a basic Pet Rescue Education attendance certificate at the end of their class. These are good for two years. If you have not received your certificate yet, please be sure you email us your liability waiver! woof@petrescueutah.com

  • Can I get CE credit?

    Both classes are able to award 3 CE credits through IAABC and CCPDT & 4 credits to PACCC. We can also offer NADOI CE. Please send us an email to request these credits! woof@petrescueutah.com Have a request for another source? Let us know and we can apply!

  • Can I request a hands-on class in my city?

    Absolutely! Just send us an email - we love going to new places! woof@petrescueutah.com

  • Do you offer other classes?

    We have more online classes in development! Stay tuned! These include: K9 Wilderness First Aid (add-on to our regular course), First Aid for Pet Professionals (add-on to our regular course), Cat Training, Grey Muzzle Friends - Managing Older Pets, + more! We also offer in-person courses for those interested in hands-on skills, hiking classes and more! Check our locations and schedule here: www.petrescueeducation.com

  • I need to contact the course creator!

    Sure! Send us an email at woof@petrescueutah.com or go to our main website: www.petrescueeducation.com for chat features!

  • I have other pet health questions.

    Please get in contact with your veterinarian!


Nice to meet you!

Content Developer/Instructor

Madison Warner

Maddie has worked as a veterinary technician in regular and emergency vet clinics since 2011, a working EMT-A/firefighter since 2013, and FEMA K9 handler since 2013. Her certifications include: NREMT Advanced EMT & TECC, Veterinary Tactical Group T3C, FEMA IS-00010.a and more.